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5 questions to ask before renting a commercial storage space

commercial rental storage space

Do you need long-term furniture storage options while renovating your office space? Do you run an online business and need space for managing your stock? Do you want to archive your paper documents to create more office space? Well, space constraints are a huge challenge for every business. Nevertheless, we live in such times where every problem has an innovative solution, and for your difficult situation, we have rental storage space.

You may have many doubts about it, with the first and obvious one—what exactly is a rental storage space? In simple terms, it is a storage warehouse for rent typically designed and equipped to accommodate the storage needs of businesses, including inventory, furniture, documents, equipment, or materials for as long as they want.

Space Valet has answered five more FAQs on budget storage rentals.

What type of commercial rental storage space will I need for my business?

The first step before you approach a storage facility is to assess what you need to store and how much space you would need. Most companies offer storage units in varying sizes to meet different requirements. At Space Valet, we offer storage facilities of different sizes for all types of businesses. Based on your current needs, and later, if you feel you need more space, you can contact us for customized storage solutions.

What features does the storage space promise?

Does the storage space have CCTVs? Can I store expensive items such as paintings, electronics, or furniture? These are all the right questions to ask before you submit your articles to the storage warehouse for rent. You can expect the following features from the best furniture storage companies, such as Space Valet:


All your goods will be stored in lockable units guarded by highly efficient security at all times. Not just that, there are CCTV cameras and biometric access control systems installed across the facilities. The rental storage spaces are also 100% insured.

Safety and maintenance:

The facilities are designed to protect your belongings from the risk of damage due to temperature fluctuations, infestation, leakage, flooding, or fires. Additionally, cleaning professionals regularly maintain the storage areas.

Do they provide timely delivery & logistic solutions?

If the rental storage space serves as the warehouse for your business, you should assess if it is renowned for its logistic solutions. Verify whether they prioritize timely delivery and pick-up services, proficient inventory management and tracking, and efficient material handling. This way, you can count on them to promptly receive any item back whenever you require it, whether it is a specific set of files or raw materials.

How much does the commercial rental storage space cost?

Some storage facilities may only have long-term furniture storage options and ask you to sign a contract. However, if you desire more flexibility, now there are budget storage rentals with a month-to-month billing system, allowing you to store your goods for as little or as long as you want.

How is the reputation of the storage warehouse for rent?

Even if the storage facility promises all the essential features aligning with your business requirements, it is always better to check how the experience has been for prior users. You can go through Google reviews and testimonials on their website and, if possible, talk to some of the customers online. It will give you first-hand information about the rental storage space and help you make the final call.

Space Valet has the reputation of being the best furniture storage company in Mumbai and Bangalore. So, if your business is based out of any of these cities, you know whom to contact!