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We provide an innovative & secure storage solution for homes and businesses. Store anything from business inventory to household goods to traditional / seasonal clothes to valuable art in one of our private storage units. Our goal is to help our customers free up space in their homes and offices.

Whether you require 15 sq ft or 200 sq ft or even just a few of our durable boxes for small items, we’ve got the right storage solution for you!

Our “Valet” service conveniently picks up, stores and delivers your things back to you whenever you need!
  1. Private Storage Units: Get the premium treatment! Securely store your goods in our exclusive private lockable storage units. We offer various sizes to suit your needs. See “The Storage Units” (CTA) for more information.
  2. Flexi Space: Flexi spaces are demarcated areas of various sizes within the same facility, each being separated from each other by an aisle space. They are equally safe as they follow the same safety protocols as the rest of the facility. We ensure that your stuff is well protected from dust or any potential damage. We know how important your things are to you. Our facility is designed to protect your stuff no matter what!
    A point to note : No client is allowed to access the Flexi Space area without being accompanied by our staff.
  3. Box Storage: Only have a few small items to store? Not to worry! These durable, sealable plastic boxes are perfect for those small household items like toys, clothes and photo albums etc. Check out Box Storage (CTA) for more information.
  4. Document Storage Cartons: Do you have your important loan documents / accounting documents to stash away? We have you covered with our specially designed cartons made just for file storage. We pick, pack, store and deliver even one box back when you want it. Check out our Business Storage page for more information. (CTA)

It’s Simple!

  1. You can reserve a unit through our Reservations page which will guide you step by step
  2. Or give us a call on +91 98679 66450 / +91 98192 25559 and we will help you choose a unit that would be the perfect size for your requirements
  3. We will also help you choose the facility which would be most suitable for you.
  4. If you need help with packing / transport / logistics we will help provide a quotation for the same.
  5. You may also choose “The Valet Service”: (CTA button) in case you need us to catalogue your goods in which case we can even retrieve one item at a time for you. (more information on Value Added Service)
  6. Then all you need to do  is choose a move-in date and our logistics partners will come over and do the rest
  7. Once your stuff is stored safely you will receive a picture of your goods and Voila!

Our goal is to ensure that you do not have to move a muscle to get your work done!

We currently have 4 facilities in Mumbai – Sewri West and Bhiwandi (2 facilities in each location). Can’t find something near to you? Not to worry! Our “Valet” service ensures that your goods are packed, picked up, transported and stored for you. We can even retrieve a single item for you when you need to.

Our Facilities can be accessed during 10 am to 6:30 pm from Monday through Saturday except for public and bank holidays. During these business hours an admin staff will be present to assist you. However, we also offer our “Valet” Service wherein we can retrieve your goods for you. Check our Valet Service section in the FAQs. (CTA button)

Of course! And your online customer account lets you see and recall any of your items in storage at any time.

Our Document Storage service allows you to keep your business documents safe for even extended periods of time. We can even deliver these documents back to you when you may need it.

Our “Valet” service can even enable you to run your business hassle free as we can deliver consignments to your customers/distributors whenever you need!

Check out our Business Storage page(CTA button) for more information.

Of course! Unlike a regular warehouse, we provide on-demand storage. Store for as little as 1 month.

Just remember, the longer you store, the more discounts and perks you get.


If you’re new to storage, you may think that’s all stores have to offer. But the truth is we do so much more for our customers. Here are just a few services we offer:

  • Moving and packing services (through trusted third parties)
  • a complete one stop shop solution for any storage requirement
  • Temperature and humidity controlled units on request
  • Our “Valet” service. Go to our valet service section to learn more (CTA)

Through our Valet Service our team will pick up your items, pack (if required) and create an online catalogue of whatever you have in storage. 

Simply log into your customer account online and select the items you want sent back to you. Our team will take care of the rest!

We can even have items sent to another location/customer/Distributor in case you are a business storing inventory!

We aren’t just a regular old warehouse. Our facility is intricately designed and we’re reinventing storage!

  • Private Storage Unit: Our individual lockable units ensure that your goods are always secure 
  • Experience counts: Our facilities are compliant with international standards and we’ve been in the storage industry for over 30 years. 
  • The Optimum Environment: Our facilities are all well-ventilated, professionally heat insulated and monsoon and leakage proofed. 
  • The Safety Factor: CCTV cameras, 24×7 security guards, access control, anti-fire systems & insurance!
  • Pest Control: We insure pest, rodent and insect and termite control is done regularly to ensure your goods remain safe!

As a member of the SSAA ( Self Storage Association Asia), our facilities are designed using international standards that drive the Storage Industry.

Long term storage of expensive artwork and delicate goods is our speciality. So trust when we say your things are safe with us!

Dehumidifiers and temperature control panels are available on request so that all your valuable things are maintained in the correct environment.

Our boxes will be given on a monthly rental basis only. We charge a fixed fee of Rs. 299 + GST per month. 

But don’t forget our loyalty programs! Store with us for over 6 months or pay in advance to avail awesome discounts and perks!

Not an issue ! We can accommodate any kind of customer no matter what your requirements are! We have smaller units for customers with only a few boxes. As usual, you keep the unit for yourselves and the keys are with you!
Of Course you can! We’d love to show you around our state of the art facility!

Just make sure you come with your valid ID and you can get access to your boxes.


We offer our customers sizes of:
  • 5 ft x 3 ft
  • 5 ft x 5 ft 
  • 5 ft x 10 ft 
  • 10 ft x 10 ft

Don’t see anything that matches your requirements? Give us a call, and we’ll ensure we work out an option for you!

Don’t worry about fitting large items in your unit. All our storage units have a standard height of 8.8 ft.
We do not require our clients to figure out a size for themselves. Simply send us a WhatsApp on +91 98679 66450 / +91 98192 25559 or email us with an item list so we can help figure out the best plan for you. We can even do a free site survey to help you decide what size unit will work for you! Still unsure? No problem! Come check out our state of the art storage facility and see for yourself.
The units are all designed to international standards prescribed by the Self Storage Association Asia. They are designed by specialists in the field and cater to the specific requirements of hot and humid climates in the region.
It’s easy. All you need to do is:
  1. Log in to your online account 
  2. Click a picture of the item that you want to add to your storage unit
  3. Upload the image onto your account 
  4. Change the status of your items whether they are “in storage” or “with you”

And that’s it!

This way you know at any given point of time what you have in storage. Think of this as your entire storeroom online!

Easy! We only empanel trusted experienced logistics and moving & packing partners.

We have vetted and interviewed more than 80 logistics companies across the country and have narrowed it down to 3 trusted partners. 

We are your only point of contact and will arrange a quote from our partners, negotiate with them and even coordinate with them to ensure your work is done flawlessly. 

Rest assured, you will not have to lift your finger (apart from calling us, of course!)

We can help you store almost anything! We have units that are suited for the long term storage of formal clothes. We are an extension of your home or office.


Only have a few small items to store?

We’ve launched The Box Storage option for customers who don’t need an entire unit.

We have sealable and durable Space Valet boxes for you. 

The best part? We can deliver your box to your house anytime you need them back.

 Check them out! 
We launched the Box Storage solution to help customers declutter their lives and homes while still keeping all their memories and valuables in a safe location.

Whether you have a valuable book collection, a priceless coin collection or precious family memories (photo albums etc.) we’re here to help you out!
All you need to do is:
  1. Go to our “Box Storage” (link) section 
  2. Order as many boxes that you need
  3. Fill up the boxes with your things when they arrive
  4. Take a picture of the filled up box 
  5. Upload the pictures to your space valet account online
  6. Wait for us to come over and pick up the boxes
  7. Go online and just choose which boxes you need back and when

And you’re done!
each of our boxes measures ______________.

If you need any more information about our box please feel free to contact us directly on _________.

Our boxes will be given on a monthly rental basis only. We charge a fixed fee of Rs. 299 + GST per month. 

But don’t forget our loyalty programs! Store with us for over 6 months or pay in advance to avail awesome discounts and perks!

Not an issue ! We can accommodate any kind of customer no matter what your requirements are! We have smaller units for customers with only a few boxes. As usual, you keep the unit for yourselves and the keys are with you!
Of Course you can! We’d love to show you around our state of the art facility!

Just make sure you come with your valid ID and you can get access to your boxes.


Our security measures ensure that your goods are always safe and protected. Our monsoon and pest proofing ensures that nothing will happen to your goods. If you still require insurance for your items, we can definitely help with that. We have tied up with top insurance companies to provide the best insurance policies to our customers at great rates. 

We have smoke detectors with fire alarms installed to cover all storage units and aisle spaces. There are also fire extinguishers placed at strategic locations to minimise time lost in the event of an emergency. All our equipment is regularly serviced and inspected to conform to standard fire norms.

Not to worry, all our customers are allocated with designated spaces as per their size choice. These spaces are clearly demarcated and there is sufficient buffer around them so your stuff will never get mixed up with others! The flexi space is in the same facility as the private lockers so as to ensure both follow the same safety protocols.

More importantly we only allow authorized personnel and their nominated individuals to access the facility. Clients are always accompanied by a staff member when they enter the flexi space area. 
You should know how the storage unit is protected, including the tools they use to keep it safe. These include:
  • Security cameras recording all movement
  • Individually lockable units
  • 24 hour guard on duty
  • 24-hour Fire detection systems
  • Access to the facility by keypad access code access only
We pride ourselves on providing our customers the highest level of security and privacy. We will never open the customer boxes or their units

Each customer box is carefully sealed and stored in our box storage space where only authorized space valet personnel are allowed. 

Our entire facility is fitted with security cameras, alarm systems, access code systems and 24×7 security guards 

So trust us when we say that no one is getting anywhere near your boxes!
Just you and anyone else you give your keys and your keycode access to.


Storage charges are based on the type of storage plan selected. Each plan has their designated price per month. You can learn more about the prices from our homepage. 
You can make payments in cash, cheque, credit / debit card and all forms of Digital Banking. Simply log on to your online account and make the payment through the secure payment gateway. 

The default payment frequency is monthly. However, you can avail discounts and freebies if you pay for 6 months or more in advance

We want the payment for your storage to be as seamless as possible. Because let’s be honest: you’ve got bigger things to worry about than your monthly bill!
Yes of course! We offer discounted prices for customers who pay for 6 months storage upfront. Enquire with us or tick the ‘advance payment’ box when booking online to see how much you can save!
We have two billing cycles. 1st and 15th of every month. If you move in anywhere between the 21st and the 10th of any month, we will automatically assign you the 1st billing cycle. If you move in anytime from the 11th to the 20th, we will assign you the 15th billing cycle.


We have private storage units of varying size namely: 15 sq ft, 25 sq ft, 50 sq ft and 100 sq ft. The prices start at 1800 rupees per month and vary depending on what you want to store.
We have specialized space valet boxes in both plastic or even cardboard. Check out the box Shop (link) for more.