Space Valet


We at Space Valet aim to make your life easy and surroundings clutter free. We offer self-storage units and boxes of all sizes for any and all items that are large or small. The storage spaces can be rented, operated and accessed on a daily, monthly or even yearly basis.

Private Storage Units

Lockable and secure self-storage units of various sizes. Our internationally designed units are strong and durable and keep all kinds of goods safe.


What’s better? Our facilities are designed to maintain the right environmental conditions that keep your goods intact.

The Box

Don’t need an entire unit?


Try our versatile and durable Space Valet plastic boxes!. These are perfect for smaller items, be it clothes, books, toys; etc. Every box is individually sealed and is temper proof!


Whats better? We deliver your boxes back whenever you need! (*t&c apply)

Flexi Space

Our Flexi Spaces are Demarcated areas of various sizes, each assigned to only 1 client.

Don’t worry about the safety of your goods! We ensure maximum secuirty protocols with 24 hour guards, CCTV surveilence and Biometric access into the facility.

What’s more? All visitors are accompanied by our staff the entire time so that your goods remain untouched!

Business Storage

We provide an innovative, secure and customized storage for businesses. Our goal is to help businesses deal with the growing issue of space constraints in an economical and convenient manner. Be it inventory, furniture, or documents, we help provide a secure on-demand storage facility.

Document Storage

Whether its Accounting files, Legal papers or anything else, we keep your documents safely stored in our durable cartons. (next para) Our state-of-the-art racking ensures your documents remain organized, free of pests, rodents and water and are completely safe. (next para) Need a single file sent back to you? Our team can barcode, inven torize and even deliver a single record back to you!


Introducing our unique Valet Service: Our online customer portal allows you to view and even call for items that you need back. Our Valet team will devlier or even pickup any of your items in storage. You don’t even need to visit your storage unit!