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The Ultimate Guide to Temporary Storage Solutions in 2023

Temporary Storage Solutions

In metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Bengaluru, apartments are becoming increasingly compact to meet the needs of the growing population. While living in flats has many benefits, such as cost savings and less maintenance, frequent storage issues can be bothersome. With no separate storage room available, you must stuff everything in the cupboards and […]

5 questions to ask before renting a commercial storage space

commercial rental storage space

Do you need long-term furniture storage options while renovating your office space? Do you run an online business and need space for managing your stock? Do you want to archive your paper documents to create more office space? Well, space constraints are a huge challenge for every business. Nevertheless, we live in such times where […]

Where to store your household goods During renovation?

storage space for household items

Renovating your house is, without question, a herculean task. Among the various looming challenges, such as budget constraints, coordination with contractors, and material selection, one stands out—’What to do with your furniture during a renovation?’ It is more of an issue if you are in a city like Mumbai, where apartments are usually compact, and […]

Moving with Little Ones? Fear Not! Tips for Effortless Toy Packing

Storage warehouse on rent in mumbai

Moving to a new apartment, whether within Mumbai or a new city, is a challenging task, especially for kids. The change may be emotionally overwhelming for them if they have to leave behind their friends, neighbors, and teachers. At such times, they find comfort in their treasured toys and games. You may need to dedicate […]

Is Space Valet Reliable? Analyzing the Company’s Operations and Security Protocols

Household Storage Solution

Let’s face it – With cramped spaces and lack of security becoming prevalent concerns, having access to a secure and affordable storage solution has become paramount. Be it a short-term or long-term storage need while downsizing, decluttering, or shifting, Space Valet understands the pain points and has designed storage spaces that offer convenience, safety, and […]

6 Essential Items That You Can Store In Your Self-Storage Unit Now!

best furniture storage companies

Are you short of room at home or work? Do you frequently tumble over unused goods or become surrounded by stacks of documents? If you answered “yes,” it’s time to rent a self-storage unit—your ally when downsizing, shifting, or wanting more space in Mumbai. Space Valet offers varied storage solutions like box storage, flexi-space, self-storage, […]

Why You Need a Professional Furniture Storage Solution for Your Business

Furniture Storage Solution

In several situations, you may need to store your office furniture somewhere safe until you need it again. You are probably looking to free up office space or downsize your business. If not, maybe you are relocating, renovating, or temporarily shifting to a work-from-home setting. Whatever the reason, office furniture can be delicate, bulky, and […]

From Clothes to Files: Choosing the Right Storage Solution for Your Needs in Bangalore

Storage warehouse in Bagalore

In recent years, the property trends in Bangalore have shifted towards smaller housing units and apartments. While compact spaces are easier to maintain, one of their most significant drawbacks is the lack of storage. If you are tired of overflowing cupboards, crammed bed storage, and stuffed boxes and have decided to go on a decluttering […]

How to Choose the Right Storage Unit for Your Household Goods

As our lives get hectic and living spaces become more cluttered, finding enough space for household storage can be difficult. Whether moving, restructuring, or decluttering, household storage solutions could offer extra room to keep your possessions secure and well-organized. However, deciding where to begin may be tricky. Therefore, continue reading to learn about various storage […]