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Top 10 Most commonly stored items at our flexible Storage facility

commonly stored items at our flexible Storage facility

In an era where physical space is premium, flexible storage solutions have proven indispensable for several individuals and businesses to store household items and business essentials. At SpaceValet, we understand this, and hence, we will share the top 10 most commonly stored items at our facility and discover how SpaceValet can make your storage process easy and stress-free.

What are the top items stored in flexible storage units?


Whether downsizing, redecorating, or making room for new additions, furniture often tops the items people need to store. Many of us have extra or unused pieces—gifts, objects from the past, or items we hope to use. This includes furniture items like large sofas, dining tables, beds, and wardrobes. So, are you confused on how to store bulky furniture like sofas effectively? Simple, store them in a household item storage solution facility.

Seasonal Clothing

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe. From heavy winter coats to summer dresses, seasonal clothing can occupy significant space in our closets. That’s why many people store their seasonal clothing at our facility. SpaceValet provides ample space for safely storing clothing. Climate-controlled units maintain optimal conditions to prevent mold and insect damage. 

Business Inventory

For businesses, inventory management is crucial for efficient operations. However, limited office or retail space can pose a challenge when storing excess inventory. Storing extra desks and chairs or multiple documents and office furniture, renting an off-site space offering flexible storage solutions can ease logistics while optimizing workspace without compromising safety and accessibility.

Electronic Appliances

Electronic appliances are valuable investments that require proper storage when not in use. Appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, and others often need a temporary appliance storage when renting, moving, downsizing, or traveling for an extended period. In such cases, flexible storage solutions offer the best solutions with climate-controlled units that protect your appliances from temperature fluctuations and humidity, preventing damage to sensitive electronic components.

Sporting Goods

Whether you’re an avid athlete or enjoy outdoor activities, sporting goods like bicycles, badminton, camping gear, cricket sets, golf clubs, etc., can quickly accumulate and take up valuable space in your home. As these goods are needed occasionally, storing them at climate-controlled and secured sports equipment storage facilities can protect them from environmental damage.

Kids Toys & Baby Items

Are you looking for assistance in managing excess children’s toys with storage solutions? No worries! Instead of having toys scattered everywhere, pick out a bunch of their favorites and store the rest at spaces offering toy storage options. Rotate these toys with the seasons so they stay interested.

And hey, if you’ve got boxes of your child’s old toys, strollers, cribs, and other baby items randomly stashed in closets and corners, it’s time for a little cleanup and storing them in a unit offering a household item storage solution.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations bring joy and festive spirit to our homes, but they can also take up a significant amount of space when not used. Instead of letting it clutter up your home, store room, or cupboards, why not store it in a self-storage space? Easy access when you need it, and it’s happily out of your way the rest of the time. So, whether it’s the Diwali lights, New Year or Ganpati decorations, or a stash of birthday decorations, box them up and store them with Space Valet flexible storage solutions.

Valuable Collections or Antiques

Collecting valuable items or antiques requires storage, as you’ve poured time, money, and heart into curating your collection, and their safety is paramount. These pieces require special care and attention to maintain their value and condition. By storing your valuables in these specialized climate-controlled and advanced security systems containers, you’re shielding them against potential disasters like fire, flood, and other hazards—without cluttering your living room. Amazing, right?


Even while the world has gone digital, the prominence of specific paperwork, like tax returns, medical bills, receipts, and business expenses, has not gone extinct—posing the importance of storing them right. However, when keeping paperwork, it’s crucial to protect it from moisture, pests, and unauthorized access. Hence, opting for flexible storage solutions for your documents, files, or archives can safeguard their condition, and you can easily keep track of your stored documents and request retrieval whenever needed.

Miscellaneous items

Sometimes, we have items that don’t fit into any specific category but still need storage. Whether extra household items, collectibles, old textbooks, or sentimental keepsakes, storing them at a household item storage solutions facility gives you the flexibility and peace of mind you need. The spacious storage units can accommodate various items, regardless of size or shape.

How does Spacevalet simplify the storage process?

SpaceValet streamlines the storage process with user-friendly features:

  1. Door-to-Door Service: Schedule a pick-up, and our team will collect your items, eliminating the need for you to transport them. 
  2. Inventory Management: Our online platform enables you to manage a detailed inventory of your stored items and efficiently retrieve them.
  3. Flexible Storage Options: SpaceValet offers various flexible storage solutions, from small units to huge spaces.
  4. Secure Facilities: Get advanced security measures like 24/7 video surveillance, security personnel, and secure access controls when storing sports gear in shared storage facilities.
  5. Climate-Controlled Units: Preserve the condition of your item with our climate-controlled storage units that safeguard them from fire, flood, and other hazards.

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