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Everyday Items You Can Now Send to Space with Space Valet

storage space for rent

Space is often scarce in our hectic life. Imagine being able to take back your living space without having to give up your possessions. Modern storage companies provide storage space for rent to store everyday objects—think beyond furniture. 

About Space Valet & Its Services

With its cutting-edge services that optimize space efficiency, Space Valet is leading the charge to revolutionize storage. There’s a solution for everyone that will work whether you need to keep anything for personal or professional usage. Here are some rental space for storage available at Space Valet:

  • The Box: Strong, adaptable plastic boxes that work well for tiny products. These storage lockers are perfect for keeping a few toys, clothing, books, and more because they are individually sealed and impenetrable.
  • Self-Storage Units: Safe, lockable units of different dimensions. These units are made to be strong and durable, protecting all stored things.
  • Warehouse Storage: Ideal for companies with large space requirements looking for corporate storage solutions. These facilities maintain the best possible environmental conditions to protect the stored goods.

Benefits of Space Valet Storage Solutions

Space Valet ensures that storage for household items follows the strictest safety guidelines. Some benefits of choosing Space Valet as a Storage Space partner are:

  • Security: All storage spaces for rent have advanced security measures, such as 24-hour surveillance, biometric access, and human security officers.
  • Insurance: Storage insurance financially protects your personal goods, valuable items, business inventory, and documents from bad weather, natural disasters,  damage, fire, and theft. To protect your valuables, we offer insurance policies that provide you with peace of mind. 
  • Convenience: You can easily request doorstep delivery of your items or access them quickly at our storage facility in Bangalore and Mumbai. Furthermore, there are no lengthy lock-in periods or large deposits.

Everyday Items You Can Store with Space Valet

Space Valet offers versatile rented storage solutions to store various everyday items. This service is suitable for personal, corporate, or E-commerce storage and protects against damage and theft.

  1. Electronic Appliances: Whether you have seasonal equipment or rarely used gadgets, Space Valet’s secure household and corporate storage solutions keep dust, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures out of your appliances. 

You can store heaters, fans, speakers, projectors, gaming consoles, mixers, refrigerators, air conditioners, espresso machines, old laptops, desktops, etc.

  1. Clothing & Excess Inventory: You can rent our temperature-controlled storage space to protect your clothes and e-commerce products from mold, mildew, and moth damage. Our facilities are ideal for storing seasonal, wedding, or excess clothing, as well as for e-commerce storage for your business.

You can store winter coats, bulky sweaters, suits, evening gowns, wedding dresses, children’s clothes, swimsuits, excessive inventory, beachwear, etc.

  1. Kids’ Toys & Baby Items: While necessary for various phases of a child’s development, toys and baby items for kids and newborns sometimes take up a lot of space—and Space Valet addresses just that by offering storage for household items!

You can store cribs, strollers, high chairs, building blocks, action figures, dolls, inflatable pools, baby clothes, educational games, photo albums, baby books, trophies, and blankets, among other things.

  1. Furniture & Kitchenware: Whether for short-term storage during a move or long-term storage space for rent to declutter your home, Space Valet provides flexible options that ensure your valuable items remain in top condition. 

You can store sofas, dining tables, beds, wardrobes, spare furniture, blenders, cookers, extra dishes and glassware, dressing tables, decor items, etc.

  1. Sporting Goods: Ideal for sports lovers or athletes needing a safe gear storage locker or unit. 

You can store tennis rackets, golf clubs, camping equipment, gym equipment, bicycles, yoga mats, luggage bags, portable stoves, sports uniforms, etc.

How Does Space Valet Simplify the Storage Process?

Space Valet’s process is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using our storage facility in Bangalore and private storage space in Mumbai.

  1. Choose the Storage Type & Size: If necessary, discuss with the Space Valet experts whether you need box storage, private units, or a warehouse. Then, select the size of storage space you need.
  2. Pack & Pickup: Our expert team packs all your belongings with 3-layer protection while offering insurance. Furthermore, we pick up and drop all items in your rented storage unit.
  3. Store & Secure: Your items are stored under ideal conditions along with crucial security measures like locking your storage space, surveillance, biometric access controls, etc.
  4. Retrieve: When you need your items back, request a delivery, and Space Valet will bring them to you.

By choosing a rental space for storage at Space Valet, you can keep all of these products in a secure and ideal environment, ready to use whenever you need them. Space Valet’s simplicity and safety make it an excellent choice when looking for storage space for rent. So, go ahead and declutter your home with just a call!

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